January 22, 2021

The idea of using Bidet Sprayer Attachment for toilet came from an extensive travels to India. "what an awkward things is this sprayer, I thought"! These things are everywhere there. They do not use paper at all!  but... there is nothing that makes you feel fresher and cleaner than water! 

After more than 3 years of using it, I am a believer. No, we still use paper! Just a fraction of what we used to. I remember buying first bidet attachment around 2012, but the design I bought was under the seat attachment. There was no control of hot water, just cold. And it felt good in the summer, but winter time was too cold. Also the feeling that water comes from under the seat was not comforting. Somehow it wasn't feeling right. After all we pea and "poopoo" there...

So , naturally the sprayer option came to mind. As of today 99% of all online options are COLD water only. Aqua Sage is introducing warm water option. It means that you can control the temperature and pressure of the flow. The benefits of this design are amazing. You can feel water temperature in the palm of your hand before you use it. Because it is made of steel and the steel is good conductor of temperature. You can follow instruction on how to install this device in the video.

There are many new exciting products in the pipeline that we are working on. Stay tuned...  

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