Aqua Sage Hot/Cold Bidet Attachment Sprayer For Toilet


  • Aqua Sage Warm, Hot Or Cold Water Handheld Bidet Sprayer. Excellent Pressure Control Delivers the Freshest, Most Comfortable Cleanse – Complete Stainless Steel Diaper Sprayer Hand Bidet Set for Toilet
  • Ceramic Interior Valve Components For Great Durability. HEAVY DUTY 304 Stainless Steel Bidet Sprayer. Brass Nickel Plated T Valve With Hot Water Inlet. Dual Water Pressure Control At The T -Valve Or Handheld Or Both. Wall or Toilet Hook Mount.
  • Aqua Sage Stainless Steel Warm, Hot Or Cold Bidet Handheld Sprayer Is Superior To Toilet Under Seat Options. Adjust Water temperature to YOUR LIKING BEFORE THE EACH USE. NOT Possible with Under Seat Bidet Options.
  • Hot Water Supply Line is Made OF Stainless Steel Braided Line, Not a Cheap Plastic. All Tools included For Installation. Manufactured To The Highest Safety and Reliability Standards. 3 Year No Hassle Warranty. Just Contact Customer Support.
  • Clean up quickly and more efficiently after you use the bathroom with warm water bidet attachment that offers a gentle, yet effective clean that leaves you feeling fresh and confident.

    After you’ve used the bathroom and wiped a million times with toilet paper you don’t always feel clean or fresh, which means you can take odors and a dirty, uneasy feeling with you throughout the day. That’s why we developed the Aqua Sage Bidet Wall Attachment that not only works with any toilet on the market but produces warm, gentle water to help clean your intimate areas more effectively.

    Designed to attach to the wall for single hand access our sprayer system produces a smooth stream that gently washes away excess impurities from your skin and sensitive spots. What’s more, it can also be used for cleaning babies, diapers, pets, and a variety of other small items in the bathroom, so you can keep everything a bit cleaner, fresher, and more manageable.


Package Contents:

  • 1x bidet sprayer; (SS304)
  • 1x Bidet hook and holder;(Stainless steel)
  • 1x Plumber tape 3m;
  • 1x 4-way shut off valve;(SS304)
  • 1x Stainless steel hose 1.2m;
  • 1X Stainless steel braided hose 2.0m 3/8x3/8;
  • 1X 3/8'' brass adapter for hot water line
  • 2x Screws; )
  • 2x Rubber washer for sprayer hose 1/2” )
  • 3x 3/8” rubber washer for Stainless Steel braided supply line)
  • 1X 3/8” hot water PVC line cap (to use if hot water is not available